How to deliver better design without good feedback

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Realise when you have exhausted the possibilities

If you’re reading this because you are not getting the right kind of feedback you need to deliver an acceptable solution, then you may feel like you have already exhausted all of the possible approaches to solving the design problem you have.

Free yourself from constraints

The most effective way to resolve this kind of situation is to reduce the constraints to which you are designing, preferably down to one.

Reset your constraints

After producing your ridiculous solution with only a single constraint, and the likely graphical abomination it will be, you need to reintroduce your constraints, and work backwards from your single constraint solution to deliver the single best solution to the problem at hand, and the requirements that go hand-in-hand with it. You will likely have all of the ingredients for this solution from all of your previous iterations, or it may simply just be one of those solutions that you have already designed.

Presenting your masterpiece

This is all about handling your stakeholders and being clear in your communication about the situation you found yourselves in. You will need to set the scene by bringing up the lack of progress towards a solution. This will not be easy, and should never be part of a blame game. You will need to describe the situation you were in, and that you have now taken some rather radical steps to come to a solution that can all be agreed upon.

How do you handle getting poor feedback?

This is just one way in which you can handle receiving poor feedback from your stakeholders, and I would love to learn how you deal with similar situations. Feel free to share your stories on Twitter (@westleyknight) or email me on

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